MUM 2623c
Professor Calle
Office: Room 8213-2

Telephone: (305) 237-0593

In order to offer additional instruction and make up for time lost due to hurricanes Katrina and Rita and additional scheduling conflicts related to the Latin Grammy Awards, professor Calle will be available at MDC's Kendall campus in room 8213-2 on Saturday (11/5/05) and Studio M (M-107) on Sunday (11/6/05) between the hours of 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM each day. This time is available to MUM 2600 students in order to help them record their beat projects and also assist any other MUM 2600, MUM 2703 or MUM 2030 students with pertinent questions or assignments. Students may reach me with questions via e-mail at ecalle@mdc.edu or pc@professorcalle.com.
See you this weekend.
Thank you for your wonderful effort, hard work and support all semester long. Students have made outstanding progress, accomplished significant work and are providing much needed community service in the process.
Thank you all,
Course competencies  
MUM 2623c course syllabus  
MUM 2623c course competencies  
Macintosh OS X keyboard commands and shortcuts  
MIDI Definitions Class materials #3
MIDI History and more definitions Module 4
General MIDI Instruments list Old Time PDF
MIDI note names and numbers Old Time Rock & Roll MIDI sequencing assignment (10/2/04)
Music notation basics Test 1 files
www.freemidi.org (a great resource for free midi files) Three Blind Mice Sequencing Assignment (10/30/04)
www.metrolyrics.com (a great resource for lyrics) SATB assignment
MIDI Files 1 SATB edit assignment (11/20/2004)
Reason 2.5 Documentation Little Drummer Boy
PowerPoint viewer (Windows) 10/02/04  
PowerPoint viewer (Mac) 10/02/04  
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