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Wednesday, January 9, 2013 11:18 AM

MUM2600 syllabus
MUM2600L syllabus

MUM 2600 Practicum Instructions
Please note that the audio files are available on the stations in the Pro Tools lab located room 8111, and the MIDI lab located in room8112 of MDC's Kendall campus.

MDC North Campus room 2225 selected patchbay diagram

Click here to see the video of the class.
MUM 2600
Click here to download the Quicktime video and insert it into your session.
Have fun,

Please follow these steps, after auditioning and downloading a Reason file from www.reasonstation.net:

1. Open Pro Tools
2. Create a new session and call it Lastname_Reasonbounce.pts (Pro Tools will add the .pts extension automatically)
3. Save the session to your student folder
4. Create one stereo Auxiliary Input track and one stereo audio track
5. Create a Reason (stereo) insert at the top of the Auxiliary Input track
6. Assign the output of the auxiliary track to bus 1-2
7. Assign the input of the stereo track to bus 1-2
8. Arm (record ready) the audio track
9. Make sure that QuickPunch is enabled
10. Press the number "3" on the number pad to begin recording
11. After recording is complete, select the recorded audio and bounce to disk
12. The bounce to disk settings should be set to AIFF, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit
13. Name the bounce Lastname_Reasonbounce.aif (the .aif extension should occur automatically)
14. Save this bounce to the top level of your Session folder
15. Quit Reason and then Pro Tools. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.
16. Open iTunes
17. Import the AIFF to iTunes
18. This bounce is now in mp3 or aac format depending on the iTunes preferences.
19. Re-open your Pro Tools session and import the movie into your session.

You may e-mail yourselves your first recording. See you Wednesday. We will be importing a movie file and creating an original song for that file.

Those of you interested in purchasing SimpleTech's SimpleDrive MiniStorage 4 Gigabyte 1" portable USB 2.0 drive at a very affordable price may want to visit Costco and purchase the SimpleTech drive for $69. This drive fits in the palm of your hand, contains a folding USB connector that transforms the drive into a 1" square and will enable you to save and possibly record your projects directly to the drive due to the 480 Mbps transfer rate afforded by USB 2.0 technology. We will need to verify the drive's ability to record digital audio in class. Many colleagues have been successful recording digital audio on USB 2.0 drives.

New products for musicians, producers, multimedia developers and songwriters:
M-Audio MicroTrack
M-Audio protable mini recorder
Edirol R-09

Edirol R-09

Thank you all,

All files are posted in MP3 format. Please contact your phone manufacturer website for ringtone installation and compatibility.

2X tables Janal
4X tables folk
4X tables
5X Reggae
5X tables (English)
5X tables (Spanish)
5X tables (Portuguese)
5X tables (Japanese)
7X tables
Beltran (English)
Beltran (Int)
Beltran (Spanish)


New York Times article regarding Festival Hall in London (acoustics issues)
Apple iPod Nano
Apple's iPod mini
Apple's iPod Shuffle
Digital radio news
Studio at home website


Adobe Acrobat Reader
PowerPoint viewer (Mac)
PowerPoint viewer (Windows)


MUM 2600 syllabus (html)

MUM 2600 L syllabus

Please book 3 hours of studio time beginning week 3 of the semester. For more information, please contact the studio manager at (305) 237-0889.

Lab journals

Download the lab journal document (Word)
Download the lab journal document (PDF)


Glossary of terms from Roland Corporation
Recording terms and definitions (9/7/04)

Recording formats

Hard drive information (1/11/2006)
Digital recording (Powerpoint)
Digital recording
Digital formats
SonicSpot.com (more extensive audio file list)
Standard digital audio file formats
Analog recording
Surround Sound


MIDI basics
Class assignment 1 - MIDI file
Class assignment 2 - SATB bounce

Studio basics

Recording studio basics
Chain of command
Recording studio etiquette and psychology

Pro Tools

Getting started with the Digi 002

Getting started with the Digi 002 Rack

Getting started with the Digidesign Mbox

Pro Tools quiz review (html)

Importing audio files and movies.

240 bpm loops
File import & edit assignment (3/14/05)

The physics of sound

The ear

Physics of sound notes (html)

Calle wavelength spreadsheet.xml

The physics of sound 1
The physics of sound 2
The physics of sound review

The physics of sound and basic Pro Tools functions test review


Microphone notes (html) (3/19/05)

Microphones specs (html)

Microphones and preamps notes

ORTF Microphone technique

Dynamic microphones.

Condenser microphones.


Orchestral instrument recording tips


Equalization, Compression, gate & limiter notes


Automation basics

Bouncing to disk

Surround Sound

Studio construction Studio design and construction
Final review

Final exam review

Final project midi files (.zip)

ASSIGNMENTS Module 1 (pdf) - Describe your studio
Module 1 (word) - Describe your studio
Module 2 - Create a Pro Tools Session
Module 3 - Import a MIDI file into your existing Pro Tools session

Module 4 - Record midi tracks to audio
Module 4 MIDI file

  Module 5 - Dynamic microphone folder (zip)
  Module 5 - Dynamic microphone questionnaire (PDF)
  Module 5 - Microphone specs document (HTML)
Module 6 - Importing audio, MIDI and/or mp3 files into a Pro Tools session
Module 7 - Happy Birthday Assignment

Module 8 - Adding reverb to your tracks

Module 9 - Adding EQ to your tracks
Module 10 - Creating a rough mix, bouncing to disk and creating an audio CD.

Module 11 - Automation basics

LINKS Microphone definitions
  Shure Microphones
  SAE Recording Schools
Neumann Microphones
Rode Microphones
Royer Labs Microphones
AKG Microphones

Sennheiser Microphones

Audio Technica Microphones
Coles Ribbon Microphones
B&K Microphones
Schoeps Microphones
Sony Pro Audio
Oxford plugins
Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments
Native Instruments
Criteria Recording Studios
Harris Audio
  Applied Microphone Technologies (Amazing wireless microphones.)
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