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Arturo Sandoval, Ed Calle and the band play the "Real McBop".


Prioir to performing one of his typically spectacular trumpet solos, Arturo Sandoval then accompanies on the timbales while Javier Concepcion (piano) & Ed Calle (tenor saxophone) solo on "The Real McBop" at Disney World's Epcot Center October of 2005.

Arturo Sandoval, Ed Calle and the band perform "The Real McBop" head out to begin- Set #1

Arturo Sandoval, Ed Calle and the band perform "The Real McBop" melody - version Set #2

Arturo Sandoval, Ed Calle and the band perform Arturo Sandoval's the "Real McBop". This is the long version with all of the solos.

"Eso Es Lo Que Hay" señores y señoras.

Arturo Sandoval encourages Ed Calle to play the "Eastern Blues". A fast blues and a touch of funky tenor is always a formula for fun.

Arturo Sandoval (fluugelhorn), Alex "Pututi" Arce (drums), Ed Calle (tenor saxophone) and Nestor Torres (flute), Armando Gola (bass), Javier Concepcion (piano) and Tomas Cruz (percussion) perform Arturo's "Rhythm of Our World" while road manager and house engineer Bruce Galloway works his usual magic on the house mix.

The Arturo Sandoval band with Nestor Torres:
Arturo Sandoval - trumpet, flugelhorn, synthesizers, timbales and vocals
Ed Calle - tenor saxophone and vocals
Javier Concepcion - piano and synthesizer
Armando Gola - bass
Alexis Arce - drums
Tomas Cruz - percussion
Nestor Torres - flute and vocals
Bruce Galloway - House engineer and road manager

Disney World Epcot Center Main Stage - Orlando, FL
October 10-12, 2005

Video by Frankie V and Jenessa Vardaros
Performances and photographs captured on the Kodak EasyShare DX7630 digital camera

Streaming audio of Ed Calle's live performance at the University of North Florida with the University of North Florida Jazz Ensemble I.

Ed Calle's current setup:
Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone(s)
Yamaha Z tenor saxophone
Mouthpiece: Jody Jazz DV (7*)
Tenor saxophone reeds: La Voz V-16 3 1/2 & Rico Jazz Select 4 medium or 4 hard
Microphone: AMT wireless
Wind controller: AKAI EWI 4000S