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  1. Define a copyright using four words? A limited duration monopoly.


  1. What is the URL for the US Copyright office?


  1. What is the name of the electronic form available online at the U.S. copyright office website?


  1. Who would file an SR form and for what purpose?


  1. A poet, writing alone, could file which printed copyright form?


  1. Three lyricists, writing together, should file which printed copyright form?


  1. What form is filed when making a correction to an existing copyright?


  1. How much does it cost to file a PA or SR copyright form electronically?


  1. How much does it cost to file a PA or SR copyright form when submitting a bar-coded form provided online?


  1. How much does it cost to file a PA, PA short or SR copyright form via U.S. mail?


  1. How much does it cost to file a CA copyright form electronically?


  1. How much does it cost to file a CA copyright form via U.S. mail?


  1. Printed copyright forms are produced using what document format?


  1. Name and identify the URL for the company who created this popular digital document format?


  1. Name at least two commonly available software titles frequently installed on Macintosh computers that enable users to access and fill out digital forms provided at organizational websites including the IRS, U.S. Copyright Office, BMI, ASCAP, and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


  1. What are the four departments in a publishing company? What do they do?



Print production



  1. What rights are guaranteed by a copyright?


  1. What is a compulsory license?


  1. Based on the concept that intellectual property is the catalyst for production, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution, what is the single most important and indispensable element in the music business?


  1. Name the three American performing rights organizations?







  1. Name the largest music licensing organization in the world. The Harry Fox Agency.


  1. Identify the first American nonprofit digital rights organization created by the U.S. Copyright Office singularly focused on collecting and distributing digital performance royalties for featured recording artists, non-featured musicians, and recording copyright owners whenever their works are broadcast on digital cable, satellite television, Internet radio, and satellite radio.


  1. List the digital performance royalty percentages breakdown paid to featured artists, non-featured musicians and singers, and SR copyright owners.


  1. What is the current US statutory mechanical royalty rate for a song of length 5 minutes or less? $0.091 or 9.1 cents


  1. What is the current per minute US statutory mechanical rate for any minute or fraction thereof of a song longer than 5-minutes? $0.0175 or 1.75 cents.


  1. Name some major publishers.







  1. Sponsored by whom, the length of a copyright was extended to be life plus seventy years by the copyright amendment of? Sonny Bono, 1998.


  1. Record companies pay mechanical royalties exclusively to whom?


  1. Who typically negotiates deals in foreign markets for US-based publishers? Sub-publishers.


  1. What qualities define an independent publishing company?


  1. A composer owns a copyright at what moment?


  1. Co-publishing means? The publisher and writer each earn 50% of the publishing revenues and the writer earns 100% of the writers revenues. This is a good deal.


  1. The Miami publishing deal is typically defined as? The publisher (not the writer) gets 100% of the publishing money and the composer, if they write alone, earns 100% of the writers revenues.


  1. What money is defined as the writers share? Money for airplay and performances. This money is collected by BMI, ASCAP and SESAC and paid to their affiliated writers.


  1. The controlled composition rate pays publishers at what rate? 75% of statutory.


  1. What invention was instrumental in necessitating copyright law? The printing press. Initial usage was for maps and books.


  1. When does a publisher and SR owner need to issue a sync license? When their work is being used in a film or visual project.


  1. Non-dramatic works can be defined as? Pop-music or commercial music.


  1. Dramatic works are typically defined as having a libretto or story attached to them. Dramatic works are typically found in Broadway plays, operas, etc.


  1. What does Public Domain mean?


  1. Small business website?


  1. State of Florida Department of State website?


  1. Tax website?


  1. When was US copyright law first enacted? 1787 US Constitutional Amendment.


  1. Dates of major copyright revisions?

      1787 enacted

      1909 major revision

      1976 (Berne Convention) brought US in compliance with international copyright law.

      1988 US becomes Berne Convention signatory.

      1998 Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act extends copyright ownership from life plus 50 years to life plus 70 years.

      1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


  1.  Concert publishers earn most of their money by? Renting scores of classical music works to orchestras and schools.


  1. Do you need permission to record a re-make? Do you have to pay money?


  1. How much does it cost to file an application for a fictitious name?


  1. For how long do you own a fictitious name after you apply?


  1. When does a fictitious name expire? On Dec. 31st of the 5th year.


  1. How many DBA names can appear on a single bank account?


  1. What benefit does a corporation grant the owner?


  1. Can a corporation do business using a fictitious name (D.B.A)?