Ed Calle performs in Boston


MUM 2702

Music Business 2

Professor Calle

MUM 2702 – Music Business II

This course explores many music business careers.


Most music careers fall under one or more of the following categories:

1.   Creative

2.   Performance

3.   Production/Directing

4.   Technical

5.   Marketing/Promotion/Sales

6.   Administrative/Management

7.   Education

8.   Music Therapy (Medical)


1.  Creative

a.   Songwriter

b.   Jingle writer

c.   Lyricist 

d.   Film Scorer/Orchestrator

e.   Instrument design

f.    Graphic design


2.  Performance

a.   Singer

b.   Instrumentalist

c.   Studio musician

d.   Super star

e.   Dancer

f.    Broadway

g.   Club date musician


3.  Production

a.   Record production

b.   Musical director

c.   Arranger

d.   Jingle production

e.   Musical production

f.    Copyist/transcribers

g.   Engraver


4.  Technical

a.   Audio Engineer – studio or live

b.   Audio Editor

c.   Sound designer

d.   Instrument repair

e.   Roadie

f.    Instrument technician

g.   Software design

h.   Hardware design

i.    Internet services technician

j.    Internet services design


5.  Marketing/Promotion/Sales

a.   Musical instrument sales

b.   Factory representative

c.   Record sales

d.   Record promoter

e.   Concert promoter

f.    Booking agent

g.   Record company marketing department

h.   Publisher


6.  Administrative/Management

a.   Company administrator

b.   Administrative assistant

c.   Manager

d.   Accounting

e.   Legal


7.  Education

a.   Music teacher

b.   Band director

c.   Choir director

d.   Vocal coach

e.   Private lessons

f.    Clinician

g.   Church music ministry


8.  Music Therapy

a.     Hospitals

b.     Schools

c.     Government

d.     Retirement home

e.     Home therapy services

f.      Therapy in schools

g.     Music therapy in law enforcement and the judiciary

h.     Autism

i.      Natal care

j.      Elderly care

k.     Neurological and psychological disorders

l.      Music therapy for stroke and Alzheimer’s victims