MUM 2702

Professor Calle
Group members:__________________________________________________________


Concert Promotion Survey

Please discuss the following parameters with your group and submit your responses.

  1. Describe the event you want to promote?
  2. Specify a location for your event in the west Kendall area.
  3. Describe your desired demographic?
  4. How many people will the venue hold?
  5. What is the name and description of the act are you interested in promoting or featuring? What will the entertainment cost?
  6. How much will sound reinforcement cost?
  7. How much security will you need and how much will it cost?
  8. How will you promote the event? How much are you budgeting for promotion?
  9. What sponsors may be interested in being involved with this event?
  10. Based on the 60% rule, please calculate an appropriate ticket price.
  11. What ideas do you have regarding merchandising sales? Will you be creating product or selling existing stock? Will you be selling the product or taking a percentage of artist sales?
  12. Will your event feature food and drinks? If so, will you be selling alcohol? Does the venue own a beer and wine, or alcohol license?
  13. Do you have insurance covering the venue, performers, equipment, and employees in case of an accidental injury?
  14. Are you considering an outdoor event? If so, have you planned on a rain date or do you have weather insurance? Note that you can also make the event a rain or shine event but must be willing to absorb lost revenue.
  15. Are you a licensed booking agent or promoter in the state of Florida?
  16. Please detail a timeline for your event using the template in the Baskerville book.