MUM 2700
Copyright & Publishing Test Review
February 14, 2005
Happy Valentine's Day

DMCA - Digital Millenium Copyright Act
What is a compulsory license? What rights are granted by a compulsory license?
When is the SR form filed?
When is a PA form filed?
When is a short PA form filed?
When is a CON form used?
When is a CA form filed?
What are the fees for the following forms: PA, PA short, SR, CA, CON.
Major publishers are Sony/ATV, Pier Music, Warner/Chappell, BMG.
BMI, ASCAP and SESAC are performing rights organizations.
Harry Fox is the largest music licenser in the world.
Patent & Trademark Office:
Name the various departments of a publishing company and describe their functions.
1. Print production
2. Administration
3. Legal
4. Promotion
5. Acquisition
What is the statutory U.S. mechanical royalty rate for a song 0-5 minutes?
What is the statutory U.S. mechanical royalty rate for songs over 5-minutes?
What is the statutory Canadian mechanical royalty rate? 7.7 cents and 1.54 cents Canadian respectively.
What does co-publishing mean? A 50-50 split of the publishing royalties.
What does the Miami publishing deal mean? 0 publishing royalties for the writer.
Concert publishers make their money by leasing scores.
The controlled composition rate is 75% of statutory. The record companies request a 25% reduction in the mechanical royalty rate. This rate is typically 6.375 cents per song.
US Copyright law first appeared in 1787.
A major revision to copyright law occured in 1976.
Corporations offer no personal liability to the owner's assets.
Fictitious name is known a DBA (doing business as). The fictitious name costs $50 for 5-years through Dec. 31st of the fifth year after it was filed. One DBA name per bank account.
Copyright length is life + 70 years. After that, the song is in the public domain.
Copyright was put in place in order to protect intellectual property and foster advancements in science and the useful arts.
Copyright exists the instant a writer creates a tangible copy of the work. A copyright is simply defined as a limited duration monopoly.
Sub-publishers can and usually do take care of foreign markets for US publishers.
Sonny Bono's amendment in 1998 extended the copyright length to life + 70 years from life + 50 years.
The printing press created a necessity for copyright law.
Mechanical royalties and royalties from sales of printed music arrangemnents are paid to publishers exclusively. In turn, publishers pay their contracted writers.
Sync licenses are necessary when using music in a film. Each is negotiated individually. There is no standard statutory rate for a sync license.
Patents & Trademarks
Sound Exchange

Florida Department of State
Harry Fox
U.S. Small Business Administration
ROW - Rest of the World stands for markets other than the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan.

All other materials are available in the publishing notes, publishing PowerPoint presentation, publishing test review, copyright notes and the reading assigned in the Passman textbook.