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Please fill out and turn in all four copyright forms as specified below. The copyright forms are posted on my website, - notes, or can be downloaded by visiting Please complete the forms using the PDF documents downloaded to your computer. The on-line forms allow you to type directly onto the form. No handwritten material will be accepted. All material will be submitted via the Angel learning portal.

Grading: Each element or question on the forms is worth one point. Mistakes will be marked and the forms will be returned to the students for correction until each form is correctly filled out.


  1. Short PA form:
    1. One author (yourself).
    2. Include a sheet of paper with typewritten music or lyrics. The music and lyrics can be nonsense. Four measures are sufficient. You simply must have a tangible copy of a work to hand in with the form.
    3. Title of the work can be whatever you choose. If you have a specific work, please use that title. If not, simply make one up.
    4. The work is not made for hire.
    5. You are not filing this work under a pseudonym or anonymously.
    6. Include a fake check created on a sheet of paper. Make sure the check is for the correct amount.
    7. Make sure to complete all sections as instructed by the form.
    8. You do not need to sign the form.


  1. PA form:
    1. Two or more authors. One writer should be yourself and the others can be real fictitious co-writer(s). Please specify the nature of each author’s work and the percentage of contribution.
    2. Complete all sections as instructed on the form.
    3. Title the work, “The complete works of (your name), Volume 1.”
    4. In the “nature of this work” box, specify that it is a work in 10 movements. The movements can be titled Movement 1, etc.
    5. Include a CON form with individual titles for each of the ten works. The titles can be real or fictitious.
    6. Include a fake check created on a sheet of paper in the correct amount.
    7. Note that the titles of these works will become the material for the CON form in question 4.


  1. SR form:
    1. Under “title of this work”, write a name of a fictitious CD.
    2. Under “previous, alternative, or contents titles”, write the names of 10 fictitious songs. Be sure to circle “contents titles” as instructed.
    3. Under “Name of Author”, use the name of your real or fictitious record label.
    4. Include a drawing of a CD cover with a title. This doesn’t have to be fancy but must be legible.
    5. Include a fake check created on a sheet of paper in the correct amount.


  1. CON form:
    1. Fill out all sections as instructed by the form.
    2. Make sure to indicate the information regarding the corresponding PA, PA short, or SR form in section A of the CON copyright form.
    3. In section C, make sure to check the appropriate box identifying what information you are continuing.


  1. CA form:
    1. For registration number in section A, use “PAU-MUM2700”.
    2. Section B would be used to correct a misspelling or other simple error.
    3. Use section C to amplify the information on your original PA form.
    4. In section C, you will amplify the form by assigning a title to each of the ten movements of your work. Remember, this form must cross-reference your original PA form. Attach a separate sheet if necessary.
    5. Include a fake check for the correct amount created on a sheet of paper.




Thank you,

Professor Calle