MUM 2700
Music Business 1
Professor Calle
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Money – You will need to own or have access to affordable production facilities. In addition, you will need funding for duplication and independent radio promotion.


Talent – Good artist, good song and a quality production means you may have a prayer. Any product containing a bad song, bad artist or bad production assures failure.


Production skills – You must be able to turn your ideas into a tangible recording.


Web design – A website is critical to the success of any business.


Distribution – You must find a distribution source. The internet-based distributors are fairly straightforward. Traditional distributors such as record companies are much more to difficult to obtain.


Video – If your music is to be competitive, it must have a video representation. Once again, access to video production equipment and editing skills will become an important part of the overall puzzle.


Live performance – You must be able to deliver in person. In order to showcase your talents, you will first need to promote events and become a fixture on the local performance scene.


Accounting – You will need to collect money, pay bills and file taxes. Failure to comply will result in a failed business and possible jail time.


Determination – You must strive to succeed and be willing to get back up time after time. It wonÕt be easy but if you have the talent, motivation and a coherent business plan, the opportunity for success is there for everyone to enjoy.