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MUM 2600 Pro Tools Quiz Review


Pro Tools Basics quiz review sheet
  1. What are the basic steps you must take when creating a new Pro Tools session?
  2. What is the default bit-depth required in class?
  3. How many inputs and microphone pre-amps do the Digi-002 and M-Box have respectively?
  4. What is the default file type used in class?
  5. What is the default sample rate used in class?
  6. What items are shown on the edit window?
  7. What items are shown in the mix window?
  8. Where do you save your files in room 8112?
  9. Where do you find the I/O, inserts, sends and faders in the mix and edit windows in a Pro Tools session?
  10. Where is the magnification tool located?
  11. What is the maximum number of tracks available in a Pro Tools LE session?
  12. Which window houses the faders?
  13. What items are found in the session folder?
  14. Name and define the use for all of the different types of tracks available to you in a Pro Tools session.
  15. On what type of tracks can we insert a Reason instrument?
  16. How do we send audio data from one track to another.
  17. What are the shortcut commands for:
    1. Creating a track
    2. Close window
    3. Cut
    4. Copy
    5. Paste
    6. Toggle between mix and edit windows
    7. Save
    8. Group tracks
    9. Disable/Enable Group tracks
    10. Select a midi file for download (Option click the name of the file)
    11. Zero a fader
    12. Playback or stop playback
    13. Quick-punch record
    14. View the big counter
    15. View the session transport