MUM 2600
Professor Calle

Happy Birthday Assignment

1. Download this file.
2. Create a new Pro Tools session called LastnameHB.
3. Import the MIDI files from the HB folder.
4. Import the Loop using the import audio file command.
5. Edit, copy and paste the loop to your taste in order to have it fit with the attached MIDI file.
6. Create the melody line for Happy Birthday in the key of G.
7. Sequence the bass line on the attached score. Use an appropiate bass sound.
8. Add reverb, EQ or delay to each track as needed.
9. Create a rough mix of your piece.
10. Bounce to disk the mix in AIFF, 44.1/16bit interleaved stereo file format.
11. Import the AIFF file into iTunes thereby creating an mp3 file of your song.
12. E-mail yourself a copy of your song.