Frizzy by Jonathan Jesion
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If you are interested in registering for either the Kendall or North campus sections of MUM 2030 and joining the Commercial Music Ensemble (CME), please contact professor Calle at:
(305) 237-0593 office
Room 8213-2
E-mail: or

Please note that I may be reached via MDC e-mail or website e-mail. Professor Calle will not return to school until the beginning of the Fall 2006 semester. E-mail is professor Calle's preferred mode of communication.

Students who have previously been removed from the CME or do not meet the requirements may NOT register for this class under any circumstance.

Thank you,

Lina Arguelles Percussion/Vocals
Eva Arronte Vocals/Keyboards
Alberto Bade Drums
Jeff Bellamy MIDI Programming
William Boos Guitar/Vocals
Monica Bozza Vocals
Carlos Carballo Percussion
Jerry Cogollo Vocals/Percussion
John Cogollo Vocals/Guitar
Ranses Colon Bass
Gregg Delgado Alto Saxophone
James Drury Saxophones/Vocals
Jorge Fabregat Programming
Eric Falcon Saxophones
Caleb Gonzalez Vocals
Maria Guillen Vocals
Pedro Jimenez Percussion
Vern Kendrick Vocals/Saxophone
Darsell Obregon Vocals
Daylyn Pimentel Vocals
Marlene Prada Vocals
Freddy Presa Vocals/Guitar
Jashaan Robinson Manager
Sofya Romans Vocals
Lourdes Romero Vocals
Yvonne Romero Vocals
Daine Sherry Bass
Jennifer Tannembaum Vocals
Yudeski Torres Sama Vocals
Anganique Smith Vocals
Alexandra Suarez Vocals
Cesare Turner Trumpet
Karen Ulloa Vocals
Roger Umana Trumpet
Carmen Vallecillo Vocals
Eugenio Vargas Saxophone
Susana Verdecia Vocals
Andrea Viafara Vocals
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