Final PPT Slide Script - Rob Worden & Ed Calle &


Discovering the Roots and Assessing Strategies Designed and Implemented to Reduce Bullying


Slide #1 of the presentation details the title of the study and a graphic illustration of the mixed method design employed. Though growing in acceptance and popularity, some mixed methods studies will discuss the rationale, supply tables or figures and a review of literature providing some reference background for mixed methods designs when introducing the methodology of the study. Due to a lack of space on the PowerPoint slide and the fact that chat participants are familiar with the information, the graphic illustration provides a clear design process.


The second slide follows the mixed methods introduction design suggested by Creswell (2003, p. 76). Each element of the introduction is listed and linked to a web-based document designed to provide examples and further detail the sub-elements of each topic. In order to access the website, please view the presentation in PowerPoint slide show format and click on a topic. The brief supplemental webpage details all subtopics on a single document. Viewers may prefer to preview all five PowerPoint slide mixed methods introduction topics first and then move on to the webpage by simply clicking on any topic.


The final slide provides a link to a reference section for WordenÕs study. Most reference listings provide a hyperlink to the actual article. Many of the articles referenced were found using the Wilson database. Following Dr. ConversoÕs suggestion to keep a list for literature review, we hope this type of reference collection approach will provide our colleagues a systematic and efficient way of finding and accessing literature for review. Piles in a file may be more efficient and less obtrusive than mounds in the manor:)


Creating a Hyperlink Intensive Reference List

In order to design this type of reference list, students should choose the HTML format of the document (if available) instead of or in addition to the PDF format of the document from the corresponding database (ERIC, Wilson, etc.). The advantage of an HTML formatted document is that a hyperlink can be created and will provide access to the research without taking up space on a hard drive or requiring printing the physical copy of the document. Though unlikely, it is possible that a hyperlink to an HTML will be moved or removed. Other times, websites fail. We hope this system will help create an elegant and simple way of creating a research database.